The Baby Jogger City Mini has proven to be one of the most popular prams sold in Australia and around the world.


It's the perfect all rounder, light weight pram with a very simple and easy to use quick folding handle. Only problem is, the Quick Fold handle on the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller sits across the seat, making it a little difficult to use with a normal pram liner.


Babychic has thought of a way to accommodate this handle buy clever design and innovation.


The Babychic Universal Pram Liner can now offer your baby a softer and more comfortable ride in the Baby Jogger City Mini. Babychic's clever pram liner waist tabs allow the waist straps to be easily fed into the liner along with the City Mini's Quick Fold Handle.



Now parents can fold and unfold the Baby Jogger City Mini with the not having to lift or remove the pram liner.



Check out the below video to see how easy you can install a Babychic Pram Liner onto the Baby Jogger City Mini pram.