We love the premium, natural and eco freindly ethos of the beautiful Joolz Day pram! 



Who better to review it, than one of our good friend, Carolyn Webster, the 'Baby Product Guru' from Tinitrader!



So what does Carolyn say...?



"The very unique part of the Joolz Day Pram Collection is that you are in complete control of the styling. Whether you like bold, bright colours or neutral, subtle tones you can create a Joolz Day Pram to reflect you."



You can further customise the Joolz Day pram by teaming it up any Babychic Pram Liner or favourite Babychic accessory.



The Babychic range are available in 6 designs, that will complement any of the Joolz Day colours beautifully. We think that our Babychic Dragonfly design will look perfect with the Joolz Day, Elephant Grey colour as show below!



Check out the link below to read the review in full!



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Create your style-Joolz Day

Posted by Baby Product Guru on Sunday, October 11, 2015