Want No Sweat? – Cool Comfortable Cotton is the Answer!


Babychic Materials


Every parent knows how hot and sweaty babies can get especially when in the pram or car seat. This is mainly because your baby is sitting against polyester and synthetic fabrics in the pram or car seat.


Polyester fabrics trap the heat next to the body, this means that the fabric is not breathable and baby starts to sweat in order to try and cool down.  Sweat is the leading trigger for eczema breakouts and skin irritations.


Cotton is a natural fiber which allows the fabric to breathe.  This means that the heat is absorbed and released quickly. Cotton can also help wick away moisture this in turn helps regulate body temperatures. Cotton does not cause irritation with even the most sensitive skin. Cotton is extremely durable even after countless washes extensive use.



We have worked with local author, Doctor Annemarie Christie, general practitioner at The Children’s Doctor in Sydney’s north west, and she is a firm believer in cotton products for babies.

 “Cotton is a natural fibre that has been shown to be well tolerated by children, even those with sensitive skin. 100% cotton allows the skin to breathe, minimising heat rashes and irritation. For children with eczema or allergies, 100% cotton is the preferred material,” says Dr Christie.


Our aim at Babychic HQ is to always ensure that our materials are as breathable as possible, helping to keep baby cool and comfy when out-&-about. We want the best for our babies, Babychic whenever possible, only uses premium grade cotton outers and soft fluffy 100% cotton fillings in the majority of our range.


There are times where in certain areas cotton will not work. There are certain products in our range where we have no choice but to use polyester, like in our pram organsier and bottle holders. If there is a choice to have cotton we will always choose cotton over other synthetic materials. You can be confident that if your baby is lying on the materials or coming into direct content with the skin, we will always use 100% cotton outers and fillings.


Babychic Signature 100% Cotton Prints:


We design and print our own range of exclusive prints which have been inspired by nature. Our prints are printed on thick durable, 100% cotton twill cloth, which is stronger and thicker than popular quilting cottons. All our dyes are AZO free. 


Babychic Soft Cotton Jersey:


On the back you will see our products are made from super soft jersey fabric. This jersey contains a very small amount of elastane which gives strength and stability to the fabric. This equates to only 1-2% of elastane in our total finished product. Our Jersey is free from AZO dyes.



Babychic Soft Breathable 100% Cotton Filling or Batting:


Most other manufactures use polyester fillings. Babychic only use thick, soft, 100% cotton fillings in our products. To ensure our filling does not come through our cotton fabrics during use, the cotton is surrounded by an extremely thin non-woven liner.


We test our cotton filling periodically throughout the year, to ensure that no stray synthetic materials make it into our filling. 


Babychic Testing


We test our products periodically throughout the year to ensure our products meet our strict specifications and standards.


As well as being AZO free, our products are also formaldehyde free. We have also done extensive washability testing to ensure that our products wash well according to our guide wash instructions, (meeting AS2001.5.4-2005 No 6A).


We test to ensure our colours are colorfast in line with other cotton fabrics (meeting AS2001.4.15-2006 Test A, AS2001.4.16-1981, AS2001.4.11-1982, AS2001.4.B02-2001).


Our products have also been tested and meet EN14363-1/3:2012, EN14362-3:2012 EN14362-1:2012 for other harmful substances.


Babychic’s Manufacturing Partner


We have scoured the globe to secure a market leading, ethically responsible manufacture. Our factory is BSCI certified (Business Social Compliance Initiate). BSCI is a leading business-driven initiative for companies committed to improving working conditions in factories and farms worldwide. BSCI sets out and audits factoies based on the below code of conduct:


-                Fair remuneration for workers

-                Occupational health and safety  practices

-                Special protection for young workers

-                No bonded labour

-                Ethical business behaviour

-                No discrimination

-                Decent working hours

-                No child labour

-                No precarious employment

-                Protection of the environment


Our factory is a state of the art facility that provides a nice, clean, working environment. All the employees are local people who travel home to their families each evening.


How do our pram liners and accessories differ to most other brands on the market?


Most other products claim to be ‘cotton’, or ‘100% cotton’ but still use a large proportion of synthetic and polyester materials or fillings. If for example a pram liner is made from cotton outers and filled with polyester filling, this could equate to the product being made up of about 50% cotton and 50% polyester. That’s not good enough for our babies! Babychic use cotton outers and 100% fillings because babies matter and cotton is the cool, comfortable and breathable material our babies deserve. 


We also know exactly where our materials are milled and printed and regularly test them to verify they meet our strict standards. Many other handmade makers and manufactures buy ready printed or quilting fabrics and have no idea on where these fabrics are made and what dyes are used. This could pose a potential risk to your baby. 


Finally, there is now a brand which mothers can trust and believe in.


Facts about polyester and cotton


  • Polyester is made from oil and petroleum products, which are an unsustainable source compared to cotton.  
  • Cotton is grown by farmers and is derived from natural sources.
  • Polyester is not biodegradable, becoming landfill upon disposal. For bub’s future, the less landfill the better.
  • Polyester has similar characteristics to plastic, meaning that it is highly flammable and if set alight will melt onto the skin and stick.
  • 100% Pure Cotton products are recommended for babies and children to assist with and prevent skin conditions such as eczema.
  • Cotton is a breathable fabric, making it preferable for warmer climates and for use in layering in cooler months. Cotton allows airflow around the body, preventing your little one from over-heating.



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