What happens when one mum wants to turn a plain black pram into a chic, designer statement?


She becomes the envy of her friends and creates enough interest to start a business to serve all parents with prams!


Lauren Southern - the mum behind the Babychic brand - and all her happy customers, have her husband Tim to thank for her pram liner innovation. When she was pregnant, she fell in love with the Bugaboo Cameleon but Tim set a spending limit that only stretched to the Bootiq Kooper


The Kooper is a a nice pram but a very, very black one. Lauren wanted the style and bright, happy colours of the Bugaboo - boring black just isn’t her.


Of course it wasn’t just about the syle! There was also the concern about black in the hot Aussie sun. No one likes a hot, testy baby - especially not a new mum.


What did she do? Accept defeat and settle for what she got? No Lauren set about fixing it!


On her mother-in-law’s ancient sewing machine the first pram liner took shape. With her year 8 sewing skills we’re lucky Lauren created a pram liner at all, let alone a hood cover, handle cover and all the other accessories she made.


Beautiful, stylish and simple - well at that point it wasn’t really simple but what new idea is?


When Sienna was born, Lauren took to the streets with her designer pram. Mother’s stopped her, wanting to know where her liner, hood cover and everything else came from. It wasn’t until her mother’s group encouraged her to start a business though that everything started to change!



People wanted liners for prams she didn’t have liners for - do you have any idea how many prams are out there? Oh you do, right! What was needed was a universal fit pram liner. That could be done, right? Sure, why not! 



Well there is the issue of a second child, a new business and a design problem to consider. There was also useability - because if Lauren knew anything as a new mum of two (by this stage), it needed to be easy to fit, easy to change, easy to clean - basically just easy.


The original concern about comfort for her baby is still a prime motivation for Lauren and Babychic. That is why Babychic uses 100% cotton. Premium cotton designer fabrics outers and 100% cotton wadding filling. Cotton is a breathable, cool, comfortable fabric and the fabric of choice for Babychic.


Since then the issue of fit has been solved. The easiest use has been built in to the design. The issue of stockists’ has been overcome with over 100 nationally in Australia. We have facilities in Hong Kong and the UK now with plans to launch into the USA and Canada in 2016. 


If you’ve got a pram, you’ve got to have a Babychic pram liner!